6 Mart 2011 Pazar

Liv Tyler

Ok, so this post is not really related to anything that i had mentioned in my previous posts. This only has to do with my early-teenager times' obession and beauty concept (and namely this concept came into being with Liv Tyler)

Some people have a special light that you cant explain it with everyday vocabulary. In her case, there is nothing special if you examine her face part by part. Eyes, nose, cheeks, lips...Everything ordinary!

In fact, the first thing i notice when i saw her photo for the first time was her her huge mouth (inherited from her father Steven Tyler) and prominent ear which are not attractive at all for most of us. However, the combination is just stunning! Even some relatively defective parts cannot prevent her having this amazing look!


Bazı insanların açıklaması zor bir ışığı vardır. Liv Tyler parça parça incelendiğinde gayet sıradan olsa da bu parçaların kombinasyonu, hatta kepçe kulakları ile koca ağzı bile muhteşem görüntüsünü engelleyebilmiş değil! Aha da kanıtı:

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