26 Ekim 2010 Salı

♥ Brand new Melissas ♥ and lack of sleep :/

Yesterday started like any day, woke up in the early morning, went to the office, checked my personal e-mails, drank  linden tea, read my favourite blogs...

Now i understand that it was the calm before the storm

At 17:00 my supervisor asked me if the user manual for the digital imagins system is already done
I replied: Sh..Sh....Sure it is!

-it was not! Fu*k!

I had only 5 hours, a really tiny netbook with 10' screen and 60something pages to translate, i guess that explains a lot about my situation :S Oh, i forgot to tell that i only slept 3 hours the day before!

So, my options were limited,

  • spending all night translating and editing the 110 page manual
  • payin someone to do this translation for me
  • pretending that i was not involved in this mess
  • having a nice dinner with my friends, watching a movie after a warm bubble bath then leaving a letter and jump off the Bosphorus bridge

Now i feel victorious, peaceful but wasted. Yet - finally what was to be done is done!

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