20 Nisan 2012 Cuma

Before Sunset

"...i’m obsessed with little things. When I was a little girl, my mom told me that I was always late to school. One day she followed me to see why...I was looking at chestnuts falling from the trees, rolling on the sidewalk or ants crossing the road, the way a leaf casts a shadow on a tree trunk... Little things... I think it’s the same with people. I see in them little detail, so specific to each other, that move me before  and that I miss, and will always miss. You can never replace anyone because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details. Like I remember the way your beard has a little bit of red in it and how the sun was making it glow that morning right before you left. I remember that and I missed it!"

Before Sunset, 2004

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  1. Before Sunrise'ı çok severimmm ama Before Sunset için aynı şeyi söyleyemeyeceğim :)

  2. şimdi bir de yenisi var Before Midnight, henüz izlemedim ama meraktayım. Bokunu çıkarmamışlardır umarım :)